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PAEIMA Committee members



President/secretary/Public Officer

Russell Setright Medic / EMT (AREMT), Sports Remedial Therapist, Lifeguard, Medic Diver, Ex Military. 


Medical Director

Dr Jonathan King, Medical Practitioner

Sport & Exercise Physician

Vic President/education compliance officer

Terry Joyce Medic /EMT Lifeguard, Medic Diver, pyrotechnician


Protocol Paramedic and ALS course content officer

Peter Robinson Paramedic / Medic

Intensive Care Paramedic compliance Officer

Shaun Washington  


Nickolas Joyce Medic

Australian Army Combat Medics Liaison Officer

Glenn East Medic/ Paramedic, Army Combat Medic

Aboriginal & Torrance Straight Islanders Training and Liaison Officer

Lorraine Gould Medic / Paramedic, JP

Ethics and conduct officer

Jai Setright Medic 


Childcare compliance officer

Kerri Cantem Certificate Child Care and Education 


General member

'Lucas Blanchard'


Clinical Nurse Specialist / Forensic accident investigation Officer

& Police liaison Officer

Heather Joyce RN

RTO Corporate member & training adviser 


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